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Mrz 31

Self Care Workshop

31. März 2022 @ 18:30 - 20:00


What is it about and why is it important?
The workshop aims at creating a space to talk about mental health and how to take care of ourselves. I hope we’ll be able to support your existing self care routines, help establish new ones and provide a platform for us to talk about our experiences so we can learn from each other. Self care is important, especially for us altruists as we tend to care for others first before we turn towards ourselves. If we deplete our energies and can’t help ourselves refill them, we won’t be able to do good on a long-term scale.

Who is it for?
Everyone who is interested in learning (more) about self care. No prior experience and knowledge necessary.

What can you expect?
This session will be max. 1h30 min long. We’ll start with an intro meditation. Afterwards, Christiane will present 2-3 factual inputs about 5 min each. Each input will be followed by an exchange discussion round in small groups (~5 per group) of about 10-15 min. These are meant for all of you to share your experiences and discuss the inputs you just heard. It will be interactive and hopefully not draining. However, you are free to leave whenever it doesn’t seem a good way to spend your energy.

Who is hosting this session?
Me, Christiane, is inviting you cordially to join this session. I’m part of the EA Germany team and I am hosting this session as a self care enthusiast and systemic coach in the making. Please know I’m no (mental) health professional. I’ve led this workshop at a movement building retreat in January and building on the positive feedback, I wish to extend this offer to the broader EA DACH community.

PLEASE REGISTER HERE TO GET THE INVITE LINK: https://events.humanitix.com/ea-austria-self-care-workshop-hosted-by-christiane


31. März 2022
18:30 - 20:00